Day 2 and 8 Self Swab Onsite PCR

Day 2 and 8 Self Swab Onsite

Please note, you are booking a test where you are required to travel to one of our sites to conduct your test yourself in your vehicle. Only book this test if you are able to attend one of our locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Hull or Newcastle, in your vehicle, depending on availability. Appointments are in high demand and offered on a first come first served basis starting from 00.01 every day. 

You must ONLY book this test if there is availability in the calendar for your Day2 appointment AND your Day8 appointment after your arrival into the UK and you will be required to attend on site on both your Day2 and Day8
For example if you are arriving into the UK on 01 October (day0) then 03 October (day2) and 09 October (day8) are the dates you will need to attend for your appointment for your test.

If you are arriving into the UK imminently, please take care to check there is availability on your day2 and day8. If you purchase an appointment which does not fall on your day2 and day8 this test must not be booked by you and will not be valid for travel. Your passenger locator form and your travel dates WILL be checked at the port from which you travel. We are unable to offer refunds once you make payment and the unique reference number for your passenger locator form is generated.